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Maxed Out, by Ben Schneider

Maxed Out – a cautionary tale tracks the challenges of the creative company Kumula, describing the tech nightmares and data compliance headaches they face on a daily basis as they take on more work, more staff and ever more complex projects. Ben demonstrates how to break down these issues into bite-sized chunks and solves them once and for all.

Maxed Out - by Ben Schneider

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“Maxed Out demonstrates ITGUYS’ empathy with the IT minefield creatives face, acknowledging the tricky balancing act between usability and security. ITGUYS will quickly implement time-saving measures, enhance your team’s productivity and free you up to grow your business.”

Mark Edinoff, Film Editor at Work Editorial

“Ben and his team really understand the challenges creative businesses face today. He appreciates that every company is unique and presents solutions that support your workflow and simplify your business. Having ITGUYS on board will save you time, money and grief.”

Anthony Plewes, Content Director at Futurity Media